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Have you ever been so empowered by a story that you lose all track of time, place and find yourself in a whole new dimension?

That my friends is precisely what happened when I watched ‘GULLY BOY’ – a coming-of-age story about the lives of street rappers in Mumbai at the local AMC Theater.

Twenty-two-year-old Murad (actor: Ranveer Singh), a college student lives life by beats, music and whatever little happiness he can afford in Mumbai’s Dharavi’s slums. Murad’s father, a strict disciplinarian, believes fate hands you the ticket when you are born and you must live out your life on what has been pre-ordained. Because Murad’s family is from the lowest rank in society, the servant-attitude to keep your head and ambitions low and bow to the upper, elite class is the mantra Murad’s father forces him to live by. Murad’s mother, a dedicated home-maker and housewife inspires him to rise but she loses the rank of ‘wife’ when her husband brings in a younger wife to live with them.

Murad is at a loss.

Too tough of a conflict to fathom? That’s just the beginning.

The story spins into one man’s struggle across an array of obstacles. Murad must fight against class, destiny, take on the mantle of sole bread-winner, stop abuse, drugs and unearth his inner strength to rise above all the surrounding mayhem and find his voice to fuel lyrics hidden in the pages of his notebook.

But that’s not all.

The steady rise to fame and Murad risks his job, the love of his life, Safeena (actor: Alia Bhatt), to the woman propelling him to stardom, and the education his family struggled to pay for.

Let’s face it, everything in life comes at a cost. No pain, no gain.

For a man whose surrounded by filth, poverty, a never-ending search to find the passion and guts to perform and be heard, Murad finds strength from the place you’d least expect because he lives everyday with the belief ‘Apna Time Ayega’, which translates to ‘My Time Will Come’. Which also goes to prove that no matter how far you run from your roots, home is where the heart lives.

Well… What are you waiting for? Click the trailer below, grab that ticket and be inspired to lose yourself in a world of story like you’ve never seen before! Because I certainly did!

To those of you who have seen Gully Boy – what did you think? To those who haven’t, check it out on Amazon Prime!