• Alpharetta Library, GA, USA, 7-wk Novel-Writing Class, 2016

Sunday, May 17, 1 p.m.

Workshop on Creating Credible Characters with RWA Chapter, New England


Anju Gattani, Workshop, Quarantine To Creativity





Moonlight & Magnolia Conference: Georgia Romance Writers (Sep 29 – Oct 2, 2016)

“Anju has an amazing ability to convey complex information in a matter-of-fact way that encourages other writers to spend the time and effort needed to create  wonderful stories set in believable ‘new worlds’.  Her imagination is inspiring.  She is also a kind and skilled coach.  Highly recommended.” – Laurie Champion

“Anju’s guidance helped me organize my thoughts to present my novel in a coherent way. As a result, I received a request for a full manuscript from an editor and first 50 pages from a potential agent.  Embarking on my new writing endeavors at 70 years old is a daunting prospect. Meeting kind and helpful authors such as yourself makes it seem not quite so scary.” -Karen Middleton, Alabama

7-Week Novel-Writing Course: Milton Library (Aug 3- Sep 14, 2016)

“Anju’s workshop provided a well rounded and enriching experience for me and my writing. I had not put pen to paper in over a decade and Anju’s guidance lit the fire and made a career in writing seem attainable. I would love to know about more courses.” -Anna Gross (Georgia)

“I have not written in a while and took this 7-week novel writing class. Anju’s class did that! I have now started that dreaded first-draft revision. In addition, I am learning a lot about storytelling, plot, and character development.” -Fred Whitson (Georgia)

“A wonderful speaker with engaging examples and anecdotes. Presentations were clear and provided practical instructions.” -Mona Freund (Georgia)

“Anju is great! Very informative workshop. She is patient and kind and thorough. I am looking forward to other workshops with her.” -Cindy Pope (Georgia)

“Anju provided a workshop for writers that a new or seasoned writer would find helpful. She incorporated years of her learning methods into seven sessions which were helpful to e and so enjoyable to learn.” -Nancy Sandbrook (Georgia)

“Anju has helped me clarify many aspects of writing from character development to plot, conflict, and tension and how to use them to engage the reader.” -Garner Roof (Georgia)