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DUTY AND DESIRE selected as a Book of the Month pick 2022 by International Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guys Book Club Nation!!

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Reviews for DUTY AND DESIRE:

“Hard to believe this lush, passionate novel is the author’s first. In Duty and Desire, Anju Gattani has created an utterly immersive reading experience—fascinating characters, evocative details, compelling dramatic turns, all set against the teeming irrepressible vibrancy of modern-day India. A bravura performance.” —David Corbett, award-winning author of The Art of Character

“Like all good stories the story of Sheetal conveys deeper meanings about human experiences and relationships. Duty and Desire is definitely a bridger of cultures; educating readers about and celebrating Indian culture whilst keeping the reader well hooked.” ~~Qaisra Shahraz, peace activist, author of ‘The Holy Woman’ & Founder/Executive Director of Muslim Arts and Culture Festival, UK

“Duty and Desire kept me captivated from the first sentence to the very end. An enticing Downton Abbey-style saga, but set in India! I simply adored it and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.”  ~~Barbara Bos, Managing Editor,  

“Duty and Desire is a resplendent deviation from the stereotypical portrayals of Indian lifestyle. Duty and Desire, makes for desirable read, indeed.” ~~ NRI Pulse News

“A young woman, forced into an arranged marriage, battles cruelty, deception, and secrets to find her voice in modern-day India. A compulsive read!” ~~Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son and The Promise Between Us.