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DYNASTIES, Book 1, is a 2023 Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Award (NIEA) and
nominated for the 2023 GA Of The Author Year Award 
Jan 2023 International Book Of The Month Pick 

The Winds of Fire Series begins in 2003 shortly after India’s economic boom. The influx of western values and ideals conflicted with the country’s centuries-old heritage of Indian culture, traditions and adherence to a patriarchal society. The call for women to take control of careers, families and their financial independence challenged ancient conventions and practices where women’s roles were confined to the home and marriage was a means to procreate the family lineage. Perpetually taught to put family first and raised with beliefs that their lives didn’t compare to their male counterparts, globalization and westernization of a levelling economy showed women that a life of love, freedom and happiness with a partner of choice was possible but women needed to put themselves first.

The Winds of Fire Series follows the life of young and glamorous Sheetal Prasad in Raigun, India, as she is forced to sacrifice her one true love and personal honor to marry the man of her family’s choosing and save the family honor.

Sheetal marries playboy millionaire Rakesh Dhanraj and after the ostentatious wedding discovers she is trapped in a web of lies, deceit and betrayal. In her quest to break free of false bondages, crack down false beliefs that her self-worth is tied to her husband, escape an abusive marriage and save her son, Sheetal must end the tug-of-war between tradition versus modernization, ground her roots and find her sanity. Sheetal tears down walls erected by the misuse of Indian culture, unveils hidden domestic violence she and thousands of women endure and severs threads tying her to beliefs that women must kill the very fabric of their being in order to survive.

Forced to relocate to USA, or face separation from her son, immigration, freedom and acclimation in a new country now clash with post-trauma, phobia, the fear of independence and life as a fugitive on-the-run. Sheetal learns independence and freedom come at a price. However, when Sheetal unearths the reality of her heritage buried deep in roots of family history, the new world she has struggled to build crumbles and shatters the very fabric of her being.

From mega-wealth and ostentation to poverty and self-destruction, the Winds of Fire Series questions the boundaries of family ties, the true meaning of wealth, marriage, a woman’s self-worth and her integrity. The series challenges countless livelihoods and threads an Indian woman of substance must hold in her iron fist and pushes her to the brink of breaking point.

Sheetal’s journey begins in the busy metropolis of Raigun, India, travels to the foothills of the Himalayas then flies across continents to New Jersey, USA and back. Sheetal’s quest in the Winds of Fire Series is one woman’s fight against all odds to find courage and hope, true love and happiness, independence and identity and an acceptance midst the clash of cultural tides.

The Winds of Fire series challenges women and men to look at themselves, the lives they lead and like Sheetal pave a path to self-empowerment.

Reviews for Book 1, DYNASTIES

“Dynasties kept me captivated from the first sentence to the very end. An enticing Downton Abbey-style saga, but set in India! I simply adored it and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.”  ~~Barbara Bos, Managing Editor,  

“With stories that take us into the culture and dynasties of India, Gattani introduces us to one powerful woman’s journey against all odds.”Patti Callahan Henry, NYT Bestselling author of The Secret Book of Flora Lea

“Five Diamonds in the Pulpwood Queen TIARA, my highest mark!”The International Pulpwood Queen & Timber Guys Book Club Reading Nation

“Hard to believe this lush, passionate novel is the author’s first. In Dynasties, Anju Gattani has created an utterly immersive reading experience—fascinating characters, evocative details, compelling dramatic turns, all set against the teeming irrepressible vibrancy of modern-day India. A bravura performance.” —David Corbett, award-winning author of The Art of Character

“A young woman, forced into an arranged marriage, battles cruelty, deception, and secrets to find her voice in modern-day India. A compulsive read!” ~~Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son and The Promise Between Us. 

“Like all good stories the story of Sheetal conveys deeper meanings about human experiences and relationships. Dynasties is definitely a bridger of cultures; educating readers about and celebrating Indian culture whilst keeping the reader well hooked.” ~~Qaisra Shahraz, peace activist, author of ‘The Holy Woman’ & Founder/Executive Director of Muslim Arts and Culture Festival, UK

“With a richly evoked sense of place and culture, Dynasties is a deeply engrossing depiction of one woman’s struggle for love and independence. It will keep you turning pages until the end.” ~~ Ausma Zehanat Khan, author of A Deadly Divide 

“Dynasties is filled with the illusions of a family whose wealth is beyond measure. Dynasties will lead you down a cultural path rich with imagery and beauty that will take your breath away. The truth of this story will stay with you long after the rich imagery disappears.”–Barbara Conrey, USA Today Bestselling Author 

“This story enraptures the reader and you can nearly taste the spices and smell the incense through the words Gattani creatively puts down on paper! Buying this book will be a delight to readers who want a story that pulls your heart strings and takes you to a land that is enchanting!” ~~The High Society Book Club

“This novel could also be used as a supplemental read for students who are studying to be Marriage and Family counselors or maybe social workers.”–Book Room Reviews