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DYNASTIES (former title Duty and Desire ranked #14 ON AMAZON BESTSELLERS LIST!!!! 

“An enticing Downton Abbey-style saga, but set in India!” –Books By Women.org

Anju Gattani, Duty and Desire, Amazon Bestselling List, Fiction Author


Duty and Desire also ranked: 

Top 50 (#25) Asian American Literature

Top 100 (#65) Asian American Literature & Fiction



Podcast Interview with Caramel Lucas:


“Dynasties kept me captivated from the first sentence to the very end. An enticing Downton Abbey-style saga, but set in India! I simply adored it and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.”  ~~Barbara Bos, Managing Editor, www.booksbywomen.org  

“Five Diamonds in the Pulpwood Queen TIARA, my highest mark!” -The International Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Club Reading Nation.

“Hard to believe this lush, passionate novel is the author’s first. In Dynasties, Anju Gattani has created an utterly immersive reading experience—fascinating characters, evocative details, compelling dramatic turns, all set against the teeming irrepressible vibrancy of modern-day India. A bravura performance.” —David Corbett, award-winning author of The Art of Character

“A young woman, forced into an arranged marriage, battles cruelty, deception, and secrets to find her voice in modern-day India. A compulsive read!” ~~Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son and The Promise Between Us. 

“Like all good stories the story of Sheetal conveys deeper meanings about human experiences and relationships. Dynasties is definitely a bridger of cultures; educating readers about and celebrating Indian culture whilst keeping the reader well hooked.” ~~Qaisra Shahraz, peace activist, author of ‘The Holy Woman’ & Founder/Executive Director of Muslim Arts and Culture Festival, UK

“With a richly evoked sense of place and culture, Dynasties is a deeply engrossing depiction of one woman’s struggle for love and independence. It will keep you turning pages until the end.” ~~ Ausma Zehanat Khan, author of A Deadly Divide 

“Dynasties is filled with the illusions of a family whose wealth is beyond measure. Dynasties will lead you down a cultural path rich with imagery and beauty that will take your breath away. The truth of this story will stay with you long after the rich imagery disappears.” –USA Today Bestselling Author, Barbara Conrey

“A lush world on every page.” ~~USA Today bestselling author Jade Lee  

“This story enraptures the reader and you can nearly taste the spices and smell the incense through the words Gattani creatively puts down on paper! Buying this book will be a delight to readers who want a story that pulls your heart strings and takes you to a land that is enchanting!” ~~The High Society Book Club


Welcome to the home of contemporary, international fiction where the east and west blend in one kaleidoscope and diversity is one beautiful haze of beliefs, values, races, cultures, creed and culmination of colors.

Technology has enhanced everyone’s  lives and I believe we are only one mouse-click away on the same page and level on one playing field.

Are we really?

Take a microscope and listen to the languages and dialects spoken, the spices, flavors, aromas and seasonings that pepper everyone’s lives. Do you hear a different story in every human being?

I do. But I don’t stop. I challenge every fiction character in their pursuit and find their answers in your truth. Your reality. 

I am curious about your culture, the traditions imprinting your beliefs, values and your life. How do your fixed impressions, predetermined mind-sets and habit-to-stereotype and judge others define your thinking patterns and behavior?

You see, I have family and friends scattered across the globe and still question why, despite leaps in technology and communication, meaning continues to get lost in translation.

I write to give you the will to find meaning in your life, the courage to overcome obstacles and empower yourself so that you can find, shape and define your happiness.

Truths shape my fiction. Secrets unfold in my stories. I have lived with these characters for a lifetime and I hope they will find a home with you.

Flip open the pages of my novels, if you will, because these are the books that I hope will Bridge Cultures and Break Barriers.