A shy Indian girl, Anju is from Jaipur, India, but grew up midst the concrete skyscrapers of Hong Kong. She claims her childhood was like ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ –but without the soccer. Anju was first published at the age of 7 in Hong Kong’s leading English Newspaper, The South China Morning Post, and since then she’s been floating on a cloud of imagination wielding a pen in hand because characters wouldn’t stop talking to her.

She filled numerous diaries with poems and carried them as she trotted across the globe. However, when she put her imaginary friends in hot water and saw them dance across the page, Anju found her voice! What began as one story unfolded into a series of books.

A fiction author, freelance journalist, public speaker, fiction writing instructor, and former newspaper reporter, Anju has been published in cover stories, fiction, feature, news, interview and perspective pieces, columns, parenting and travel articles in publications across Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and the U.S.  She has also lived in Singapore, Australia, New Jersey, Connecticut, and finally dug her roots in the U.S. with her family.

Anju loves to read, travel, fusion-cook, listen to the best of Holly-and-Bollywood beats and is forever in pursuit of the next great vegetarian cuisine. And desserts! Anju creates new dishes using Western-Indian ingredients with the same zest and synergy she blends in every story waiting to be told.

A qualified teacher from London, UK, Anju also earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature (India) and certified in Creative Writing / Journalism from Australia. 

‘Dynasties’, Book 1, Winds of Fire Series, is a 2023 NIEA Finalist, International Book Of The Month Pick by the International Pulpwood Queen & Timber Guys Book Club Reading Nation and 2023 GA Author of the Year (Award) Nominee. 

Anju hopes her books will Bridge Cultures and Break Barriers.

Anju’s works have been published in: 

Women Writers, Women Books,

The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Barat Ratna International (BR International), Hong Kong

New Woman magazine, Mumbai, India 

Woman’s Era magazine, New Delhi, India

The Singapore Women’s Weekly, Singapore

Motherhood magazine, Singapore

Atlanta Parent magazine, Atlanta, GA, USA

Khabar magazine, Atlanta, GA, USA

Tribuna newspaper, Danbury, CT, USA

The Voices newspaper, CT, USA


Hello and thank you for visiting!

Welcome to the home of contemporary, international fiction where the east and west blend in one kaleidoscope and diversity is one beautiful haze of beliefs, values, races, cultures, creed and culmination of colors.

Technology has enhanced everyone’s  lives and I believe we are only one mouse-click away on the same page and level on one playing field.

Are we really?

Take a microscope and listen to the languages and dialects spoken, the spices, flavors, aromas and seasonings that pepper everyone’s lives. Do you hear a different story in every human being?

I do. But I don’t stop. I challenge every fiction character in their pursuit and find their answers in your truth. Your reality.

I am curious about your culture, the traditions imprinting your beliefs, values and your life. How do your fixed impressions, predetermined mind-sets and habit-to-stereotype and judge others define your thinking patterns and behavior?

You see, I have family and friends scattered across the globe and still question why, despite leaps in technology and communication, meaning continues to get lost in translation.

I write to give you the will to find meaning in your life, the courage to overcome obstacles and empower yourself so that you can find, shape and define your happiness.

Truths shape my fiction. Secrets unfold in my stories. I have lived with these characters for a lifetime and I hope they will find a home with you.

Flip open the pages of my novels, if you will, because these are the books that I hope will Bridge Cultures and Break Barriers.

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