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Roll Into 2019!

Happy New Year, everyone! And I hope 2019 has been off to a rolling good start for all of you.

So as a foodie family, we started off 2019 with a food for all seasons – CAKE! Home made. Home decorated. CHOCOLATE CAKE. You can click on more blog posts on food and stories: What’s whey’n on your mind, Mocha mousses and mayhem, 2 secrets to strawberries and good reads.

When we hit off 2019 this year, our family jumped out of bed grateful that 2018 was over and all its troubles were out the way. Then my older son, 22, said 2018 couldn’t have been all that bad considering we’d celebrated 2 graduations—high school and university—and tided over so many issues – professional and personal.

“Let’s look at our accomplishments, last year,” he said. “One person at a time. Five for each.”

We took turns, one member at a time, naming 5 things we’d accomplished last year. The more we thought about it, the more we realized each individual’s accomplishments spanned anywhere from 7-10. Perhaps 2018 wasn’t as burdened with negativity as we’d thought.

Then we plunged ahead setting new goals for 2019. Five each.

Because we’d had a positive trail to jump-start from last year, we could renew and revise old goals for 2019 and set new ones. We ended up setting more than expected, including the ever famous ‘Lose Weight’ and ‘Eat healthier’ – despite being vegetarian all our lives, eating as healthy as possible and still gaining weight! Oh well… some things never change.

Looking back I can say 2017-2018 was a turnaround year. I had the privilege of meeting many renowned authors and catching up with my writing. Here’s my year in review…

What were the highlights of 2018 for you? And what do you aspire for 2019?

Here are some of the last 2 years’ highlights! Enjoy!

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