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All The Lovely Pieces

Have you ever read a book that hooked you from page one and didn’t let go?

I don’t mean you letting go of the book, but the book not letting go of you? As if the book grew arms that grabbed you by the collar, forced you to sit down and turn the page. Well, that’s precisely what I’m dealing with in this fabulous recommendation of a read ‘All The Lovely Pieces’ by J. M. Winchester. I don’t want to know what happens next because I can’t bear the truth and I have to know what happens next because I can’t bear the suspense.

To top that off, it’s the month of Halloween and I’m haunted by this read!

What do you do with a book that’s so gripping?

Turn the page!!

‘All The Lovely Pieces’ is told in three points of view and deals with the psychopath behavior of a wealthy man, Adam Crenshaw, and his demons in a McMansion home of riches. Obsessed with his nanny, Adam clings to the past in a vicious and abusive cycle of mind games, mental trappings and buys his way out sin and sinister behaviors through isolation, alienation and creating self-doubt in each victim’s mind.

But what happens when the victim realizes something is wrong? The wake-up and call to action, of course. But what happens when a powerful man like Adam can track you down and reel you back in? Where can you go? Where can you hide? Can you run? Can you hide?

Can you put down a powerfully written book that has you sitting on the edge? Can you stop rooting for one character and root for the other with the knowledge that they’re all Adam’s victims and he’s pitted one against the other? You ask yourself if you’re reading a triangle of deceit, a triangle of lies or if you’re reading something that could truly and really happen… after all money can buy anything and silence almost everything.

What about the confusion children endure in the process? How are they supposed to figure out who is telling the truth and who is spinning lies? Wealth and good fortune always make the front page of newspapers and media and cloud the truth in veils of confusion. Which child-on-the-run would not want to believe that Dad is a billionaire and owns one of the most successful tech companies in the country?

That is precisely the dilemma I’m caught up in – ‘All The Lovely Pieces’ all on my Kindle. I don’t know which pieces to pick, which to let go and how to solve the jigsaw of a mystery because the story, beautifully written, shows the fragmented psychopath mind. In his attempts to keep his life together, Adam has ripped apart the lives of people he claims to love—not that love, empathy or sympathy exists in Adam’s dictionary at all.

I’m 80% of the way through and can’t wait to find out what happens next, which tells you one thing right off the bat… the author, J. M. Winchester has done a phenomenal job in creating a story that will haunt your thoughts, your imagination and your dreams… Can you believe I’m thinking about Drew, Catherine and Michael as I’m getting on with my day and when I’m supposed to be working on my next book? That is the power of Jennifer Winchester’s writing and story!

So if you’re looking for a good read—no a GREAT read—then crack open ‘All The Lovely Pieces’ to sail you into the holiday season. Or maybe you won’t sail into the holiday season with this book because you’ll turn the pages at lightening speed and hit THE END before the holidays begin!

All The Lovely Pieces., J.M.Winchester

Now that’s what I call a STELLAR read!

What book recently flipped you at lightening speed?