Welcome to the home of contemporary, international fiction where the east and west blend in one kaleidoscope and diversity is one beautiful haze of beliefs, values, races, cultures, creed and culmination of colors.

Technology has enhanced everyone’s  lives and we believe we are only one mouse-click away on the same page and level on one playing field.

Are we really?

Take a microscope and listen to the languages and dialects spoken, the spices, flavors, aromas and seasonings that pepper everyone’s lives. Do you hear a different story in every human being?

I do. But I don’t stop there. I challenge every fiction character in their pursuit but find their answers in your reality. Your truth.

I write to give readers the will to find meaning in their lives, the courage to overcome obstacles and take power in their hands so that they too can find and define their happiness. These are the truths that shape my fiction. These are the secrets that unfold in every story. These are the characters that I hope will live with you for a lifetime.

Flip open the pages of my novels, if you will, because these are the books that I hope will Bridge Cultures and Break Barriers.

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Anju is represented by Bob Diforio, D4EO Literary Agency, Hold your breath for 2019 releases by Scarsdale Publishing !!  DUTY AND DESIRE, LETHAL SECRETS and THE PRICE OF FREEDOM!!